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Holiday Decorating tips!

With the holidays upon us we sometimes feel like we don’t know where we can add some holiday cheer. Here are some ideas:

1. Start with trimming the tree with holiday lights. Select colored ornaments that coordinate with your home. Add a tree topper or ribbon.

2. Add wreaths on your windows. These little touches add curb appeal and create an inviting feeling for passersby.

3. Trim your staircase with lighted garlands. You can even add ornaments to these garlands or ribbons.

4. Add holiday ornaments to bowl or glass containers in your home to bring in some holiday sparkle.

5. Put candles in your windows. These candles are now wireless and can add some shimmer to your rooms. They are especially nice to view from the exterior.

6. Pointsettias add the holiday feeling to dining tables and staircases. They are not able to withstand the cold so don’t place them outside.

7. Outdoor benches or rockers can be embellished with red pillows.

8. Small holiday bushes can add curb appeal by your doorway and can withstand the cold.

9. Pinecones, especially scented ones can stir up that holiday feeling as well. Placing these in your living area can draw the aromas of the season in.

10. Outdoor lights and decorations add some sparkle to rooftops and yards. If you cannot afford professional ones try stringing some onto your bannister or porch.

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