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Services We Provide


Home staging involves any or all of the following:

  • Using existing furniture and decorative accessories and arranging them for optimal placement

  • De-cluttering rooms

  • Carefully selecting the appropriate furniture and accessories to supplement what is existing in the home

  • Recommending, arranging and overseeing enhancements and repairs such as painting, carpentry, flooring, housecleaning, landscaping, etc.

Our home staging services include:

  • Staging occupied houses or apartments

  • Staging vacant houses or apartments

  • Quick staging for photoshoots of houses or apartments

  • Interior de-cluttering

Consultations and Recommended Action Plan:

  • Initial consultation

  • Discussion of your goals and expectations

  • Walk-through of house or apartment with “buyers / renters eyes”

  • Assessment of furniture, accessories, focal points, balance, paint color, lighting, flow, smells and clutter

  • Proposal of staging and other services for those recommendations you don’t want to do yourself

  • Development of a Home Staging Report detailing the action plan (usually 5-8 page report)

  • Discussion of Home Staging Report and next steps

Staging of Vacant Houses/Apartments

There are several problems with placing an empty property on the market for sale or rent:

  • Empty rooms appear smaller than they really are

  • Small defects stand out because the buyer / renter has nothing else to look at

  • Vacant houses/apartments appear dull and people have difficulty seeing themselves living in the space

  • Buyers think the owner is “desperate to sell” so they don’t have to carry two mortgage payments, taxes, utilities, etc.

Transformation of a house includes:

  • Evaluating what furniture and decorative accessories are needed to fit the style of the home and the market it’s in

  • Taking careful measurements and photos of each room

  • Selecting and renting appropriate furniture, lamps, area rugs and artwork

  • Renting to you or purchasing for you additional accessories such as bedding, towels, decorative items and artwork

  • If necessary, implementing and/or arranging for enhancements and repairs such as painting, plumbing and lighting fixtures and landscaping.

  • Waiting for furniture delivery and properly placing the furniture

  • Placing all accessories and hanging artwork

  • In some cases, supervising removal of rented furniture when the home is sold

Quick Staging for Photo Shoots of Houses/Apartments:

  • 100% of buyers/renters start their search online. Our goal is to make rooms more attractive in realtor photographs and videos

  • We edit and/or rearrange current furniture and accessories or add some of our own attractive accessories


Interior Design involves many of the same techniques as home staging such as using existing furniture and accessories, however it focuses on improving the home for the homeowner, rather than the buyer, with an eye toward current enjoyment and future resale value.

“Thank you for the help you gave us, From all reports everyone coming to see the house are saying WOW! The little touches that you put together for us makes the house look very appealing and I thank you for your help!”
– Bob
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