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What is home staging?

  • Home staging is a recent concept in real estate. Home staging involves the identification and execution of a plan to prepare a home for sale. Some of these action items will take more time so it is best to start at least a couple of months before your picture day and open house are scheduled.

  • Home staging allows your home to be appealing to the highest number of buyers- thereby selling it faster and for more money. It will prevent your home from sitting on the market for a long time and eventually having a price reduction.

  • Before you can stage you need to depersonalize your home. Any personal photos, religious symbols and personal information needs to be put away. Buyers look to imagine themselves in the space. They do not always identify with our photos, sports teams, religious memorabilia etc. so it is best to remove these more personal items.

  • Start by de-cluttering the and removal of unnecessary things that crowd a room and take away from it’s appeal. This may mean that you get a POD or storage facility. You will also want to clean your homes including the pantry and fridge. Your garage should be able to fit the cars and any storage should be on the side walls.

  • You will likely need to hire few contractors to fix broken or damaged items and dirty grout or siding. Make sure you keep the exterior in mind as well as this is the first impression.

  • You will need to do some interior cleaning as well. The idea is to show your place in it’s best light. Repaint dark rooms and reduce papers and counter top kitchen appliances.

  • Finally, decorate your home from the driveway in. Plants at your door, flowers in your yard, a nice doormat are all welcoming touches. If you don’t have the time or expertise to tackle this project invest in a home stager to select and buy these items for you.

  • Your home will photograph well and also present like a model home allowing you to garner more interest and more traffic. This will lead to more offers.

Carol Wilkinson of Staging by Carol is a Home Stager with over 10 years of experience in Bergen County, NJ.

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